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Helping Childfree People Lead Exceptionally Full Lives.

AnthroFi Wealth Group is a fiduciary financial planning firm that specializes in working with Childfree people to build their ideal lives.

We only get paid by you, the client and evaluate each client’s situation independently to figure out what is important to you and how to get there. We don’t sell any products or make any commissions so we are free to work in your best interest, always.

We’ll work together with clients to strategize on the big picture. Once the plan is in place, we take care of the details for you to minimize your stress and leave you to focus on your life.

Matt Gray, CFP® Photo Matt Gray, CFP® Hover Photo

Matt Gray, CFP®


I'm a CFP® Professional who founded AnthroFi Wealth Group after a life-changing, kidney failure diagnosis in 2019. Immediately following a kidney transplant operation in 2021, I decided to launch the firm and play with the "house money" life had given me.

I knew I wanted to accomplish two things with me firm; 1) eliminate the overly formal environment of financial advice and 2) help Childfree people life the best lives they could. 

I'd unknowingly prescribed to the Childfree for a long time and quickly found many of my immediate peers also wanted nothing to do with having children and it sparked the realization we all had unique financial needs. It was my goal to help solve that problem for a generation of people who want fewer children.

Professionally, I've worked with clients ranging from multi-generational wealth to people with almost nothing. I've found the most rewarding work to be with those living non-traditional lifestyles, equity compensation, and charitable intentions.

Outside of work, you can find me cycling to the book store while listening to alternative hip-hop. I also love to cook (read: eat), golf, watch Denver sports teams, and volunteer with various organizations.

Email: Matt.Gray@anthrofiwealth.com

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