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 Tell Us Where You Want To Go
And We’ll Help Get You There

Planning Process

Step 1.

Schedule Intro

Just a conversation to start where you don't need to disclose any financial info. Ask us questions, see if we can help, and make sure you like us.

Step 2.

Become a Client!

Usually after 2-3 meetings, people know if they want to work with us. Some financial info has been disclosed by this point then you sign the dotted line if you want to work with us!

Step 3.


This step involves a lot of work from both of us. You provide all your financial information in more depth and we'll ask you lots of questions to make sure we understand everything. Your portfolio is invested during this step.

Step 4.

Plan Delivery

We have a longer meeting to walk you through the plan we create for you. You'll receive recommendations in this meeting.

Step 5.


It's ultimately up to you to follow through on recommendations, but we'll keep you accountable and continue helping through the process.

Step 6.

Ongoing Monitoring

We'll continue to regularly meet indefinitely to make sure we make the right adjustments based on your changing life and situation.

Interested in Taking the Next Step? 

Schedule a Meeting